RAMC: Crimean Mosques Were On Fire During The Festive Days By No Fluke

Saqi mosque
imam’s room at the Rovnoe village Mosque
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A fire broke out at the Saqi central mosque on October 14, which was the Eid-al-Adha Eve. The very next morning imam’s room at the Rovnoe village Mosque (Krasnogvareiskiy district) burst into flame. Emirali Ablaev, Mufti of Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea (RAMC) said this was a big provocation and called the Crimean Tatars to remain cool.

Emirali-Hajji visited the Saqi mosque right after the accident and held a meeting with deputy Mufti Aider Ismailov, Main Imam of Saqi district and the town of Kezlev (Eupathoria) Emirasan Umerov, head of joint Saqi district Muslim communities Seitasan Asanov, acting head of Saqi district mejlis Eskander Bilyalov, head of Saqi Muslim community Ernes Barashev and other local community members. THey discussed the situation and planned their further actions.

Besides, the RAMC official website published Mr.Ablaev’s Manifest in which he called the Crimean Tatars to remain consistent and watchful. The Mufti stressed that the local authorities were indifferent to this act of vandalism and iniquity in Crimea as a whole. Refat Chubarov, the first deputy Head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, expressed his concern that those arsons were terrorist attacks.

“It’s full impunity from Crimean authorities which unites those glaring acts of vandalism and unlawfulness towards Muslim religious buildings. By this actions Crimean Muslims are pushed toward the edge, and they’ll start searching their own, non-legal, ways of funding and punishing people responsible,” the document reads.

Those actions, however, only unite Crimean Muslims on the eve of the great holiday.

Source: RAMC official website

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