In Simferopol Took Place Conference on Topic of Inter-Cultural Relationship

In Simferopol Took Place Conference on Topic of Inter-Cultural Relationship
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Simferopol. – At 20th of February in Simferopol in the building of Islamic Cultural Center took place conference on the topic: “Cultural-Civilizational Dialogue of the Peoples of Crimea: History and Perspectives”. The event was organized by the Crimean department of Institute of Oriental Studies of NAS of Ukraine and All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations “Alraid”.

In the meeting took part leading historians, scholars-orientalists, culturalists and representatives of Crimean authorities.

As a chairman of the conference was appointed Doctor of History, Aybabin Aleksandr Ilyitsch, co-chairman being Ali Muhammad Taha, the head of “Alraid” in Simferopol.

On the conference were read reports concerning ethnical history of Crimea, ethno-cultural interrelationships of the peoples of Crimea, were discussed actual questions and perspectives of creation of basis for strengthening peaceful co-existence of different nationalities of the peninsula were outlined, too.

Deputy of the Constant Representative of the President of Ukraine in the ARC Havaradji R.F. addressed to all the present with his greeting, wishing fruitful work to all the participants of the conference. In his speech he also recalled the act of vandalism which was committed short time ago on the Muslim graveyard which took place in Nijegorodskiy district of ARC. “Population of the peninsula should treat with full respect traditions and culture of the peoples of Crimea. We have to preserve peace on the Crimean peninsula and not to tolerate these actions in the future”, called Havaradji R.F.

On behalf of the organizers of the conference with warm greetings spoke the deputy chairman of “Alraid” doctor Otman Shadi, “We believe that similar meetings will positively influence on the development of civil respect and delete the margins of precautions and fear between different ethnical groups in our country. By the topic of the conference we aimed at considering the history of our peninsula and extracting positive qualities which helped all the nations to co-exist in Crimea in peace and agreement. This will help us today to make steps directed at stabilization of interconfessional and international relations”.

Said Ismagilov in his report “Education of Tolerant Personality as Main Factor of Peaceful Co-Existence of Peoples of Ukraine” explained the meaning of the notion “tolerance” and emphasized the importance of popularization of these notions among the Crimean population. He said, “The state should be the leading subject of establishment of tolerant relationships in the society, creating and encouraging it in actions of other social subjects: political parties, social organizations, churches and religious communities, and separate citizens. In their turn, all these social subjects should not stay indifferent; real, concrete steps towards mutual understanding should be made”.

Seyran Arifov, specialist on Islamic law, director of High School of Hafiz delivered a report “Islam and Regulation of Ethnical Relationships”. He gave examples from the history of Islam and life of the Prophet in which tolerant relation of Muslims to representatives of other religions during their life on the common territory was disclosed.

In the meeting were delivered a lot of interesting reports, disclosing the essence of inter-confessional relations on the Crimean peninsula in the course of several centuries, as a bright example and edification for the contemporary inhabitants of the peninsula.

At the end of the meeting the gathered started to discuss the reports heard and to define further perspectives of the similar meetings aimed at strengthening of peace and mutual respect on the multinational Crimean land.

The participants reached the common opinion that as many as possible conferences and meetings should be held, on which should be discussed the topics of inter-confessional and inter-national relations. It was decided to meet the nexst time in May, at the Day of Science in order to organize the Crimean Club of Scholars. The task of the Club is to gather the scholars and to consider scientific works and researches to create the system of regulating international and interethnic conflicts in Crimea. In the future it is planned to pass scientific works of performative power for studying and discovering the questions of international relations and adopting the key constitutional decisions.

The chairman of the conference Aybabin Aleksandr Ilyitsch concluded, “The most important is that we could build the dialogue, and without a dialogue there can be no constructive decisions or steps for further progress on questions of strengthening peace on the Crimean peninsula”.

On the materials of the conference publishing of collection of scientific works is planned.

On the materials of

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