In Simferopol Took Place Festive Evening in Honour of the Second Graduation of Hafiz School

Graduates of the school
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On Wednesday, September, 17 with the assistance of the All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations "Alraid" and the World Organization of the Quran Studies (Saudi Arabia) took place a festive evening of graduates of the Crimean High Hafiz School.

Among visitors of the event there were graduates and students of the school, their parents and relatives, the invited high-ranking visitors and regional mass-media.

Opening of the evening began with the words of Mufti of Crimea Hadji Emirali Ablayev, who in his speech to the audience spoke about the necessity of unity of Muslims, specified the significant contribution of employees of the school to its work. He also instructed hafizs to be assiduous in their further studying of the Quran and distribution of authentic knowledge about Islam. According to the Mufti, these are the principles by which should be guided hafizs in their further activity.

The honourable guest of the holiday, Mr. Ayman Abdul-Ghani Huseyn, the deputy head of the World Organization of the Quran Studies began his speech from expressing his congratulations to the students, their parents and all employees of the school on this significant day; he emphasized the importance of that responsibility which is assigned to those who keeps the Holy Quran in their hearts.

In his turn, the assistant of the constant representative of the President in Crimea Havadji Remzi Femiyevich in his congratulatory speech noted the significance of the event and expressed his gratitude to the World Organization of the Quran Studies for their feasible help to the Hafiz School.

As a token of gratitude, on behalf of all graduates and students, eighteen-year-old hafiz Murad Suleymanov thanked the "Alraid" Association and all the present visitors for the invaluable contribution to the creation and maintenance of the only institution on territory of Ukraine which teaches young generation of the Crimean-Tatars the Holy Book of Allah.

The graduates were handed the certificates on graduation from the Crimean High Hafiz School and memorable gifts.

Simferopol Hafiz School

Several years ago with participation of Spiritual Management of Muslims of Crimea and with the assistance of ''Alraid "Association in Simferopol was found specialized school where started professional training of hafizs, people, who quote the Holy Quran by heart.

In spite of the fact that for today the Crimean High Hafiz School is the only in Ukraine Muslim educational institution of this profile, its achievements cannot be overestimated.

In studying of the Holy Quran are engaged here students aged from 13 to 18 years. Within 3 years between the lessons in secondary school students study the Arabic language, the fundamentals of Islam, the creed, the biography of the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran itself, for what are used authoritative techniques of learning of texts of the Noble Book.

Such an approach to training allows to cope with the task set for the students, about what witnesses the fact that the first hafiz in Ukraine Suleyman Valiev learned the Quran just for a year and a half and at the same time finished cum laude secondary school. It is necessary to note that Suleyman already participated in the International Competition of the Quran readers in Dubai.

There is a hope, that by means of the Hafiz School in Ukraine will appear the basis for the development of Islamic spirituality, and also that Ukraine along with the other countries could participate in international competitions on reading the Quran that will to a certain extent contribute to strengthening of its authority in the Muslim world.

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