Situation Of Crimean Tatars Represented In European Parliament

Situation Of Crimean Tatars Represented In European Parliament
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On September 26 2013, an urgent session took place in European Parliament in Brussels, where the report by European External Action Service (EEAS) on “Urgent Situation Regarding The Crimean Tatar Human Rights” was announced.

As reported by the Mejlis official website, in this report Mr. Dirk Schubel, the EEAS representative, informed the delegates on the projects embodied by the EU in Crimea and constant Human Rights monitoring regarding the Crimean Tatars.

Over the course of intercommunication all parties accentuated the Mejlis proposal on holding an International Forum For Restoration Of Crimean Tatar Nation’s Rights in 2014.

Emine Bozkurt, representative of Netherlands, woised her concerns regarding indifference of the State of Ukraine for this Forum of no doubt great importance for the whole nation of Ukraine. She also stressed the nessesity of the EU to have a principal position regarding the issue of Crimean tatars.


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