Turkish Author’s Book On Fasting In Ramadan Translated To Crimean Tatar

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A book entitled “Sualli-Cevaplı Oraza Risalesi” (Fasting. Questions and Answers) by Turkish author Hasip Asutay was published in the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan.

The edition gives short answers for the most popular questions on fasting: what the fasting is, who and when can restrain from fasting, what breaks the fast, when and how one should have their iftar, meaning of suhoor and many other important matters every Muslim must know about performing the obligatory fast in Ramadan.

This was reported by the Religion Education Centre of the RAMC.

Mr.Zakir Qurtnezir, famous Crimean Tatar writer, is reported to have done both the translation and editing, and religious editing was performed by Mr.Ridwan Maksudov, teacher of Islam at Religion Education Centre of the RAMC.

The book is to be distributed free of charge in Crimean mosques during iftars and prayers.

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