Ukrainian Medical Officers Provided Medical Care to Afghans

Ukrainian medical officer holds an Afghan girl
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February, 16, Ukrainian medical officers with their Lithuanian counterparts from the Lithuanian Group of revival of Ghor province of International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan conducted humanitarian action for providing medical assistance to residents of the mountain village Bahari Pain, states Obozrevatel' with a link to the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Traditionally, humanitarian action was preceded by a medical survey of the mining town and two neighboring villages, the whole population of which is more than 1100 Afghans and it is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the capital city of the Ghor province Chagcharan.

During the medical prospecting a group of peacekeepers led by the Lieutenant of Medical Service Kirill Kravchenko identified the number of patients and the nature of diseases, as well as the required set of medical supplies to provide medical service to local residents.

In the morning of February, 16, medical team, composed of the Ukrainian military physician-surgeon and a physician-anesthetist, and the Lithuanian military dentist, nurse and a paramedic, went to the village Bahari Pain.

For an hour and a half, six armored Toyotas and a Mercedes truck under a heavy guard of Lithuanian and Chroatian peacekeepers arrived to the village. Medical check and assistance to the local population was provided in one of the houses. In one of the reception rooms worked a dentist, in the other one was carried out medical and advisory work.

In addition to providing medical service to local residents, a group of doctors-peacekeepers, led by the Lieutenant of Medical Service Kirill Kravchenko, also conducted a methodical training of a local doctor in diagnosing patients' diseases, appointing and issuing of necessary medicines.

"During the time of the humanitarian action we gave assistance to more than 240 local Afghans, in particular 89 children under the age of 15. The main pathology was typical for the inhabitants of the region: conjunctivitis, otitis, infectious respiratory diseases, gastritis, intestinal diseases, helminthiasis, diseases of joints, skin diseases, frostbites, leishmaniasis, hepatitis and tuberculosis", the Lieutenant of Medical Service Kirill Kravchenko said.

He also said that 21 local residents received dental care. Several Afghans had diseases that require routine surgical intervention. The local doctor was offered assistance in the rapid surgical treatment of these patients.

"Upon completion of the work we transferred to the local dispensary dressing materials, syringes, antiseptics and means for emergent medical service", the Lieutenant Kirill Kravchenko summed up the results of the work.

Information. Ukrainian peacekeeping personnel is a member of the International Security Assistance Force in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (ISAF) since May, 2007.

Nowadays Ukrainian peacekeeping personnel consists of 10 officers. One of them serves in the headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (Kabul), two are the officers of national security element (in Kabul), seven are the officers and doctors of the Lithuanian Group of revival Ghor province (Chagcharan).

Ukrainian servicemen perform peacekeeping tasks in conjunction with the armed forces of Lithuania, Denmark, Croatia and Georgia.

Among the major tasks of medical officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the organization of medical support of the multinational contingent in the Ghor province, medical care for the military and civilian personnel of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan for the citizens of this country, and carrying out the activities of medical support in emergency and urgent cases.

By Obozrevatel'

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