Ukrainian Muslims Pray For Their Country On The Mountain Of Arafat

Ukrainian Muslims Pray For Their Country On The Mountain Of Arafat
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About 3 million Muslims gathered on the Arafat territory on Friday, October 3, to worship God and address Him their pleas for their greatest wishes, and Ukrainian Muslims were among them. Our pilgrims prayed for Ukraine while standing at Arafat, and asked Allah Almighty to bless us all with peace, prosperity, wealth, freedom and security.

Ukrainian Muslims perform Hajj within Quotas of the two countries this year, Ukraine and Russia.

“Day od Arafat is the most precious,” — the Muslims say about the 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah, which is the culmination of Hajj. Islamic tradition pays special attention to that day, calling it one of the most blessed days of the year the God appreciated more among the other. During this day, pilgrims come to the Arafat mountain to perform the ceremony of standing and calling for God Almighty.

God forgives His slaves and saves them from the Hellfire on this day, according to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. And the best opportunity to make dua is the time of standing on Arafat, as duas are most appreciated during that time.

It bears reminding that Ukrainian pilgrims left for Hajj on September 27, 84 within Ukrainian and 150 within Russian quota. They are expected to return home on October 16.

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