“You Don’t Dare, But I’ll Go”

“You Don’t Dare, But I’ll Go”
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On March 18 a 39 year-old Crimean Tatar fighter for justice Mr. Reshat Ametov was buried in Simferopol. About 2000 people came to the Abdal Cemetery to pay the tribute to his memory. People remember Reshat as a person who had a solid citizenship and a great love for his Homeland.

It bears reminding that Reshat Ametov disappeared on March 3 when he went to the Crimean Parliament taken over by the armed people to express his silent protest. Later he was found dead in the Zemkyanichnoe village with signs of torture on his body. Three little children lost their father, with the youngest being only 2.5 month and the oldest only 4 years old.

The victim and his family lived in Ukrainka village of the Simferopol district. He had been a good husband and a good father, helped his wife about the house. People didn’t stay indifferent to the tragedy and collected about UAH 30,000 for the family.

The village people say Reshat always stood for the truth and justice, and apparently lost his life for that reason. A few years ago he and his wife Zarina protested and the Building of Government against the refusal of local authorities to establish electric and water communications to their house, and in the end they won. Apparently Reshat wanted to achieve some result by his silent protest on March 3 as well. Last words written by him on his wall in the social network were “You don’t dare, but I’ll go..”

After Reshat disappeared, his young son Ali started saying that “dad went to die”. People who saw him on that day remember him being sad and estranged as if he felt something. The question remains, “Why has Reshat lost his life? Don’t we have a right for a silent protest any more?”

Ms.Elzara Yunusova, Simferopol

upd. video of Reshat Ametov kidnapped during his silent protest at the Crimean Parliament by people in camouflage uniforms http://youtu.be/dBsfNh2GNSc

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