Wall of shame – Tariq Ramadan: Egypt / Palestine

We must continue to repeat: the Egyptian “wall of national security” – a wall of shame
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Everyone knows that the people of Palestine had long been suffering from a pointless, spineless and hypocritical policy of leadership of the Arab countries. It is also well known that the Israeli state is not difficult to impose their point of view, its methods and goals. With the support of the United States, Europe and the guilty silence of the passive condoning of the Arab regimes, we know what to expect. Foreign policy of most Arab states quite rightly called “pro-Zionist.” Their cowardice and betrayal is not surprising.

After last year’s Israeli aggression in Gaza, it seemed that the worst is behind us. However, we did not think that the ingenuity with which the undertook to develop “even worse” scenario Egyptian regime and the religious authorities of Al-Azhar. In the name of “national security” or “fighting terrorism” and, ultimately overcoming “of corruption, smuggling and drug trafficking” the Egyptian government is building an underground wall, which reaches 20 meters in depth, to prevent the people of Gaza to carry out their ” illegal activities “and to dig” tunnels for smuggling. ” Of course, the Egyptian government does not want to lock tighter inhabitants of Gaza in their hell, this measure is dictated solely by considerations of national security! These arguments were so convincing that the committee of religious experts from Al-Azhar University immediately supported the government’s decision, saying that to protect its borders is a legitimate right of countries from the viewpoint of Islam and Sharia-compliant “(Thus scholars from Al – Azhar responded to the fatwa of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, to adhere strictly to the opposite view – that the actions of Egypt “unacceptable from the viewpoint of Islam”).

Shame! This is a mockery of justice, abuse of power and religion. The Palestinian people, and especially the residents of Gaza, trying to deny human dignity and rights, not give them access to food, water and basic medical care. And now, after the Israeli regime has destroyed hundreds of Palestinian citizens, the Egyptian government is an ally of the regime in the worst of its manifestations: the isolation, suffocation, starvation, and trying to take destroy the civilian life in Palestine. Objective is clear: to strangle and destroy any opposition to his leadership. Government of Egypt to prevent the entry in the siege of Gaza columns with much-needed humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people. Hundreds of men and women from around the world responded to a call for help, and gathered in front of the Rafah crossing on the border of Egypt and Gaza, met with one failure after another by the official in Cairo, accompanied by a strategy of electoral humiliation.

Shame! Not surprisingly, the Israeli government urchit pleasure. It has already announced a new and “promising” early “peace process”! It takes into account the interests of all parties: the United States, along with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have spared no effort in developing new and “comprehensive” program. That’s really, truly, a wonderful “peace process”, in whose name the civilian population endured many months of siege before its leaders were invited to the table “free and respectful” of negotiations. Israel could easily rumble and more: he can continue to play without making the slightest concession. Settlement activity should be temporarily frozen – except for the already initiated construction projects. Best conditions and can not imagine!

We must continue to repeat: the Egyptian “wall of national security” – a wall of shame. Religious authorities, legitimating it, behaved exactly like those notorious “ulema (Muslim scholars), or” Islamic councils “that openly serves power, be it a dictatorship, the forces of colonialism or self-proclaimed republic, which specializes in the manipulation of religion. What trust can be for them to feel after the publication of this “political fatwa”, which expresses the name of Islam support scientists pusillanimous government dictatorship? Silence would have been much better.

We must condemn these unacceptable acts, and stand alongside those who resist with dignity. Successive Israeli governments need to know – what we have to agree – the Palestinian people will not surrender. For those who still have doubts, we must add the confirmation of time: the history on the side of the Palestinians, they represent, today and tomorrow, hope for the noblest of human values. To resist oppression, to protect their legitimate rights and their land, not to surrender to the arrogance and lies of the powerful. As for the power of Israelis, Egyptians and others, with regard to fatwas government-appointed religious scholars, all this will pass, pass and be forgotten. Fortunately forgotten. Because the duty of memory is long forgotten when it comes to names and acts of dictators, traitors and cowards.

Tariq RAMADAN, Ph.D., professor at the University of Freiburg in Switzerland, the president of Muslim organization Switzerland

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