Film on Hajj May Be Nominated for "Oscar"

In the course of narration the protagonist learns deep sense of faith, refusing from assistance to be worthy purity of Islam.
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Feature film about a poor man, striving to embody his dream about Hajj, applies for something what could not be achieved by other Indian blockbusters: to receive "gold" of "Oscar", writes "Islam for all", referring to Islam Today.

In December director-debutant Salim Ahmed presented his film "Abu, Adam's son" (Adanubte Makan Abu) at the time of selection viewing of the films, five of which will compete in the nomination "The best film in a foreign language" in time of awarding by the American Academy of Motion Picture on February, 26th.

Though it is still early to speak about chances for success, it is already a big luck for the beginning director that his film was met by rough approval on the 42nd international film festival in India (IFFI), after which he got the right officially to represent this country on the Hollywood competition.

The Indian film association recognized the film to be the best among 16 works which were elected for the honorary title competition.

Except special award of IFFI jury, "Abu, Adam's son" won four national awards in nominations "The best film"," The best actor", "The best camerawork "," The best musical background".

Ahmed is assured that in his work he managed to show the purity of Islam.

"Islam is misunderstood", he says, noticing that in the course of narration the main hero learns deep sense of faith, refusing from assistance to be worthy purity of Islam.

In previous years only three Indian films managed to be nominated on the award for "The best film on the foreign language". These were "Mother India" (1957), "Greetings, Bombay"(1988) and "Lagaan"(2001).

By "Islam for all"

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