Islamic Theologians Opposed Terrorism, - Message in Leading Ukrainian Mass-Media

Muslims are against of terrorism
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Council of Higher Ulems (Shariat theologians) of Saudi Arabia gave definition of terrorism, rejected terrorist actions and declared terrorism financing forbidden from the point of view of religious practice.

On Tuesday, April, 13th, the Arabian mass-media, on passing within three days in Riyadh extreme private meeting, the Council of Higher Ulems of the kingdom issued "an unprecedented, historical verdict concerning terrorism in all its forms and displays and declared forbidden its financing".

The Saudi higher religious authorities defined terrorism as an action, "directed against public resources, damage to (these resources), capture of planes and blasting of buildings", writes UKRINFORM in its article "Saudi theologians condemned terrorism".

The Council also decided that its decision "extends not only to Saudi Arabia, but includes all Islamic states and other states of the world", states the newspaper "The Day" in its note under the title "Islamic theologians forbidden terrorism financing".

Theologians emphasized that terrorism financing "has nothing in common with charities" which "according to Shariat principles should be directed on rendering assistance to poor, building of hospitals and schools".

At the same time the decision of the Council of Higher Ulems, which, the newspaper writes, is considered as the religious law (fatwa), does not define concrete measures of punishment of the persons financing terrorism, and leaves the decision of this issue to the discretion of Shariat courts.

The edition "Correspondent" reminds of preparation of one more fatwa against terrorism. "The influential Muslim preacher Tahir Kadri living in Great Britain, intends to publish in London world-wide fatwa against terrorism and suicide bombers which will deprive Al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations of the ideological base", is stated in the article "Islamic theologians made definition of terrorism and forbidden its financing".

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