Battalion “Crimea” Told What They Fight For

Battalion “Crimea” Told What They Fight For
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Story of this battalion consisting mostly of Muslims is more on the air in Russia than in ukraine. The Russian propaganda at once drew an image of “evil wahhabi guerillas” sponsored by Kolomoiskiy and controlled by the Crimean Tatars’ leader Mustafa Dzhemilev. There also were some discussions on the worthwhileness of participating in the military actions among the Ukrainian Muslim community. Battalion “Crimea” explained their goals and motivation on their official Facebook page recently.

“Battalion “Crimea” united Ukrainian Muslims fighting side by side with other Ukrainian volunteer and regular military units. The fighters stand against the Russian aggression. Our attitude to war is determined first of all by Islam and then by Ukrainian legislation, while there’s no collision with the religion of Allah in it,” — the message says.

The battalion's representatives complained that they often had to read comments from Muslims living abroad saying that Muslims must not “risk their lives in the non-Muslim war”. For that reason the battalion decided to explain their attitude towards this war and their role in it.

“God Almighty obliged every Muslim to defend their religion, their honor, their families and their property with every means available. Ukraine provided Muslims security comparing to other countries like Russia or other former Soviet Republics. Never were Muslims kidnapped here, we can build mosques and Islamic Centres, wear our beards and our hijabs. Despite certain precautions of Ukrainian officials towards Muslims, and some isolated incidents of pressure upon our adherents, we see the neutral position of the State towards its Muslim citizens in general.”

The document also says that Crimean Muslims are in a very difficult situation after Russia annexed the peninsula. “Rummages in medreses and Muslim-owned homes, interrogations at the police stations and threats that they’ll make a person “disappear”, kidnapped preachers and confiscation of the religious literature — this is what our brothers and sisters face on the occupied territory. Crimean Muslims burn Islamic books in fear and hurry in order to avoid persecution for having them. Many preachers were forced to leave the peninsula, which is a great loss for the Islamic dawah.”

According to the fighters, they stood against Russia in order to first of all protect their right to practice their religion freely in Ukraine, protect their mosques, Islamic centres, their families and property and honor, their neighbours who are tolerant towards them.

The statement also underlined the fact that the fighters of battalion “Crimea” are trained enough for taking part in military action and had long consultations on this matter with different religious figures, with the military, and estimated the necessity of their participation in the Anti-Terrorist Operation. Every fighter takes all the necessary training courses before departing to the ATO zone. “We gather our force against the enemy as Allah taught us. We get both theoretical and practical training, we purchase necessary equipment, we are given special weapons. In other words, we make all the reasons for victory. And the result depends on Allah, and we all rely on Him.”

The fighters don’t have any problems with following Islamic prescriptions in the front zone. “Ukrainian fighters are very respectful and tolerant towards us. We can pray five times a day, hold Friday prayers and even make small reminder lessons for our brothers,” — the battalion representatives wrote.

“We do not have any special plans or goals. We are just defending our country, for which we wish peace and security for both Muslims and non-Muslims. As soon as we see that the situation changed, and our help is not required any longer, — we leave. But is Ukraine goes further and starts releasing Crimea, we’ll come along, as Crimea is the nurse of Islam in Ukraine. We ask Allah Almighty to strengthen us and grant us either victory or Shahadah. Because Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said that the one who died while defending their honor and their property is a shahid. And if we are wrong, may Allah forgive our mistake and keep the others from it.”

by Mr.Abdullah Asanov

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