Donetsk Muslims have buried their worshipper killed by the terrorists

After shooting in Torese. Photo: 24TV
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The day before yesterday on the June the 8th Muslims of Donbas buried one of their worshippers – Marat Faisov, who was killed by militants of the DPP (Donetsk People’s Republic) during his scheduled duty of work with the miner rescue brigade of Torez city, located only a kilometre from his house. Only two hours were left until the end of his duty.

Said Ismagilov, mufti of RAMU "Umma" (Religious Administration of the Muslims of Ukraine), writes about the event on his Facebook page.

He noted: “He was already prepared to give his life for the life of the ordinary residents of Torez, who worked at the mine. Rescue brigades are responsible for the rescue of miners from landfalls in the event of accidents within mines. But no! These people took his life in a cruel and inhumane way by relentless gunfire towards the building he was in which was already ablaze following a grenade attack”.

The victim has left behind a widow, son and the mother who has outlived her son. The Muslims from the cities of Torez, Shakhtersk and Snezhny carried out his funeral.

During the ritual final ablution of the miner, his twenty year old son was seen crying and asking: “Who will be responsible for this?”

“Everybody will be questioned in front of the All Mighty Allah. From the name of Muslims of Ukraine we express our deepest condolences for the family of Marat Faisov. Indeed, we all belong to Allah, and indeed, we return to Him. May the All Mighty Allah be Merciful to him” – the mufti wrote.

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