Fight For Crimea In The Media War — Ukrainian Wikipedians

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“Ukrainian historical monuments: Crimea” is the title of the new contest launched on the Internet on June 26, which is to last until August 31, 2015. This is done by the Ministry of Culture and Social Organisation “Wikimedia Ukraine” in order to fill in the Wikipedia with articles about Crimean historical and cultural heritage.

The plan is simple: Ukrainians have to tell the global community about Crimean historical, cultural and natural memorials using such modern means as Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Crimea.Realities” reports.

Wikipedia is based on a principle saying everyone can become an author, and anyone can edit materials when they find inaccuracies made by the author. The contest “Ukrainian historical monuments: Crimea” is about the very same: everyone can remind the modern global community of the Crimean issue.

— Both registered editors and new members can participate in the contest. There’s a banner on Wikipedia, and if one clicks it, they are redirected to the page describing the project and terms of participation, — Ms.Olena Zaharyan, editor of Ukrainian Wikipedia and press-secretary of “Wikimedia Ukraine”, says.

Main condition is acting n accordance to Wikipedia rules: respect the author’s right, collect and publish links on the sources of information and cover the topic as fully as possible. Everyone can not only publish new materials within the terms of contest, but also charge or improve it during the period of contest, which increases their chances of winning. The Jury consists of experienced Wikipedians, who will observe the rules and estimate the authors.

The prize funds will be raised by Wikipedia users: everyone can donate in order to further develop Wikipedia. “Wikimedia” will make several grants of that money and use them for supporting projects on filling the free encyclopedia with content.

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