Hashtag #StopCrimeanTatarsGenocide Hits The Top On Ukrainian Twitter

Hashtag #StopCrimeanTatarsGenocide Hits The Top On Ukrainian Twitter
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Twitter users from Ukraine started sharing the hashtag #StopCrimeanTatarsGenocide in order to support the Crimean Tatars after the latter found themselves on the edge of a new genocide as a result of occupational authorities’ actions. Several hundred retweets rashed the hashtag to the top of Ukrainian Twitter, the TSN reports.

The flashmob lasted, and the users retweeted the hashtag more than 30 000 times during the first day. About 500 new tweets appear marked like this during an hour. The flashmob is meant for drawing the world’s attention to the persecutions the Crimean Tatars (indigenous people of the annexed peninsula) are being subjected by the Russian occupational authorities.

It bears reminding that the occupational authorities unleashed a campaign against this biggest pro-Ukrainian force on the peninsula. They rummaged and forced out the Crimean Tatar Mejlis for a formal reason and are now burning documents in the sealed building. The situation is Critical, and Crimean Tatar leaders Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov are banished from returning to their Homeland.

The Twitter-storm became a popular mean of drawing the world’s attention to the current situation in Ukraine. Similar flash mobs were regularly organized during the events at Maidan last winter.

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