Kiev Islamic Cultural Centre summed up Results of Work of Summer Club for Children

Kiev Islamic Cultural Centre summed up Results of Work of Summer Club for Children
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On June, 19th, 2011, in the Islamic Socially-Cultural Centre of Kiev finished its work the fortnight children's summer club organized on purpose of providing students with interesting and at the same time productive leisure at their summer holidays. Organization "Аlraid" annually organizes similar children's clubs at the Islamic cultural centers in the cities of Ukraine.

The lesson schedule was made so that for the children the club visiting did not become an unexciting routine - but also that it did not turn to time waste. That it was not difficult for children to acquire new knowledge, lessons on Islam and the Quran were carried out at the arrival in the club, and already after that children were awaited by the sated cultural-entertaining program and games in the open air.

Thanks to such distribution the curriculum execution was not a burden on young participants of the club. The program also provided excursions and walks.

Children could also prove themselves in such kinds of creativity, as drawing, molding from clay and plasticine, application, hand-made articles from color paper and cardboard, and also puppet theatre on club closing. Subsequently the exhibition of works in various categories and even art competition on the best drawing of a mosque with rewarding of winners was also organized.

After that more senior children played different outdoor games, and kids gathered around inflatable pool with water - for toy-fishing. As well as it happens with real fishermen, the process of fishing was stirred by ploughing water toy boats.

Any day in the camp finished at the same way as it started - by performance of a joint obligatory prayer.

Organizers of the camp aimed at teaching children to reflect, estimate various situations, and to make correct decisions according to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). For this purpose the lessons on Islam this year were constructed in the game and interactive form: instead of giving to children unilaterally lectures, the teachers would set before them problems: depicted in brief a reality situation of which it was necessary to find a way out.

Children, being divided into some groups, discussed the best ways of the decision of this situation, and then each group made a common decision. Thus each child could express separately what way out of the problem should be, and the teacher corrected a discussion course, directing it to the necessary channel, wrote down on a board the offers, and then they all together discussed and decided what variant of actions in the present state of affairs will be the best.

Thus children learned to consider a situation in its various aspects independently and thus not to take hasty decisions, without having analyses features of each concrete case and various variants of its decision.

At the closing ceremony of the summer club children recited memorized during its work suras from the Holy Quran, recited instructive verses, and also made a puppet theatre setting. All participants of the camp received memorable souvenirs; the most persistent and disciplined were noted separately.

Children are the future of our Ummah and what this future for all of us will be depends on all of us. From parents of the child, from his environment, and in particular from his relations with contemporaries. Therefore organizers of the summer club made the utmost, that children felt a uniform community, let small and young, but the real Ummah. And, according to the content of the children who voluntary and consciously corrected their behavior and their lacks themselves - their efforts were not in vain.


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