Masked militants raid Crimean Tatar ATR Channel

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Masked men have surrounded the building of Crimea Tatar ATR Channel, ATR journalist Shevket Namatullaev wrote in Facebook.

The militants are searching the building.

The militants aim to take Computer server of the channel, which includes video materials of Feb 26, when thousands of Crimean Tatars gathered at then Crimean Parliament building, showing their support for Ukraine.

Commenting the raid, ATR Deputy Chief Director Liliya Budzhurova condemned the activity of authorities which “allowed the search to happen”.

“How will you look in the face of Crimean Tatars? Is this is how you implement the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree on rehabilitation? ”- she said.

“I hope this will end today. I hope that the authorities fully recognize what they are doing, recognize that they are destroying their reputation of federative authorities”- Budzhurova added.

“Banning the May 18 mourning meeting the authorities forbade us to cry, and now they want to forbid us to hear, see and speak” – she summed up.

Source: QHA

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