Participating In The School Is Investing In the Future — Political Expert

Elvira Muratova
Yurii Kosenko

A famous political expert, PhD in Politology, Ms.Elmira Muratova took part in IV International Summer School of Islamic Studies, held under the auspice of All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisations “Alraid”. She made a report on achievements, challenges and tendencies in Islam during the post-Soviet period.

Speaking to the audience, the researcher noted that Ukraine’s Islamic Studies is very poor, so the initiative proposed and implemented by the Ukrainian Centre of Islamic Studies, namely the School of Islamic Studies, has a great meaning for the national Religious studies and the society in general. According to Ms.Muratova, Participating in the School is a good investment in the future:

— I don’t think I’m wasting my time here at School, as this is a great investment and a chance to discuss important problems we have in this sphere today, talk to my colleagues, and a good opportunity to share my knowledge and exploratory studies with the audience who are to develop the Ukrainian Islamic Studies in the future. Elmira greeted the participants and wished them to gain as much knowledge at the School as they could, learn different opinions from different researchers and their conclusions on the current processes of the Islamic world, and develop a basis for further research in historical retrospective.

After her report, Ms.Muratova answered the questions of her audience and colleagues, and also participated in discussing the repost of another spokesperson — independent researcher, orientalist, interpreter and journalist Mr.Yurii Kosenko, whose lecture “Common denominator of extremist movements in context of the problems of interfaith dialogue” was the final part of the School.

It bears reminding that the next series of “Al-Qalam” digest is to be published following the materials of the School.

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