RAMU “Umma” Condemns Beating Demonstrants At Maidan

RAMU “Umma” Condemns Beating Demonstrants At Maidan
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In terms of high-stress situation in Ukraine, the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Umma” hurried to protest against the events of late November 30 at the Independance Square in Kyiv.

On behalf of Muslim religious communities RAMU “Umma” called upon people responsible for the situation to have respect for the citizens’ rights and freedoms.

“We appeal to all the forces, political parties, state bodies and the citizens of Ukraine not to allow anything like this happen again, and not to fall for provocations,” - the appeal says.

RAMU “Umma” also called upon all the parties of the conflict for dialogue and expressed hope that the authorities will hear the citizens’ demands and take them into consideration. All the believers were asked to pray for Ukraine and peace in the country.

Head of Crimean Tatar Mejlis Mr. Refat Chubarov has already condemned the security officials’ actions in Kyiv as “demonstrative terror”.

Besides, heads of all the Christian denominations of Ukraine (including Moscow Patriarchy) condemned Maidan’s forced break-up. The religious leaders definitely condemn beatings of the peaceful people and say that they support the nation’s will to approach to the EU. In general, about 10 heads of Christian denominations raised their voices to support and defend Maidan.

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