“Tavrian Muftiate” In Hopes Of Bending All The Crimean Mosques To Submission

“Tavrian Muftiate” In Hopes Of Bending All The Crimean Mosques To Submission
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Head of the newly-created “Tavrian Muftiate” Mr.Ruslan Seitvaliev announced that there are about ten mosques under their command. He explained that with the fact that the Muftiate was still a young structure, and expressed hope to take over all the Crimean Tatar religious organisation in the future.

It bears reminding that the “Tavrain Muftiate”, according to its founders, was organised on the buds of communities that earlier formed the “Spiritual Centre of Muslims of Crimea” (DCMC), and the Mufti himself was the DCMC deputy-Mufti, under the rule of Mr.Ridwan Veliev.

The supporters of the Tavrian Muftiate became known after the forceful takeover of the one of the Crimean Mosques, which is the juma Jami of Eupatoria. The local Imam at some point declared “Independence” from the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea, having illegally elected the new voting community members. All the Muslims banished from the community membership later told that the mosque has been taken over, and the new members pocketed all the money that were kept in the mosque’s safe.

The RAMC, by the way, didn’t acknowledge passing the mosque to the Tavrian Muftiate’s control, as both the mosque and all its property belong to RAMC.

It bears reminding that such odious statements aren’t something new for the Tavrian Muftiate. Its representative Enver Akhtemov, for instance, declared at the USCE session recently that the Crimean Tatars’ life hasn’t changed since the beginning of the Russian occupation, and that the news of the numerous acts of persecution are of extravagancy in description. “Our people continue their calm and peaceful life in the Fatherland. The youth are getting married, so it’s wedding season in Crimea,” - Mr.Akhtemov said. he also noted that the very existence of “Hizb-ut-Tahrir” and the vahhabits is currently the biggest problem for the Muslims in Crimea.

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