In Ukraine Passed Actions in Support of "Freedom Flotilla"

Activists proclaimed "Long live Turkey and Palestine!" demanding stopping of blockade of Gaza. Also demonstrators called for trial over the leaders of "Israel" and to its exception from the UN Security Council
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On June, 2nd, in Kiev at walls of the Israeli embassy passed a meeting in support of "Freedom Flotilla" which activists were shot by military naval forces of "Israel". On the meeting gathered about 200 persons to show their indignation with the actions of "Israel" concerning participants of the humanitarian flotilla.

The peace action organized at the initiative of Turkish and Arabian national groups was surrounded by police officers.

"If you were not criminals, you would not shelter behind walls and employees of security services", with such words one of the participants, the representative of the anti-war movement, addressed employees of the Israeli embassy, being indignant of austerity measures of safety which were undertook before the demonstration.

Activists proclaimed "Long live Turkey and Palestine!" demanding stopping of blockade of Gaza. Also demonstrators called for court over leaders of "Israel" and to its exception from the UN Security Council.

Michael Romashenko - the head of the association of anti-fascists - declared that general silence concerning incessant crimes of "Israel" concerning inhabitants of Palestine and Gaza including, is assistance in these crimes.

He noticed that Ukraine will also participate in preparation of new caravans of help to suffering families of Gaza until the sector blockade will not be stopped.

Meeting in Kharkov

On June, 1st, Muslims of the city of Kharkov with the assistance of a number of social organisations held a meeting dedicated to the events in the Mediterranean Sea at the coast of Gaza where the Israeli soldiers made bloody massacre over peace activists of humanitarian mission, in which result 20 persons were killed and about 60 were injured.

At the meeting sounded words of participants, the majority of which welcomed position of Turkey concerning the Palestinian problem, and also called for further support of the population of Gaza and rendering of pressure upon "Israel" until the blockade will be stopped.

In his speech Zaki Ashkar - the Charge d'Affaires of the Turkish embassy - stated that the Palestinian problem is a problem both of the Arabs, and all Muslims, and that Turkey also strives to its decision. As he said, the Turkish government is ready to render any help to inhabitants of Gaza.

Let us remind that the Ukrainian Ombudsman named the action of Israel "the action of sea terrorism", which demonstrated rough neglect of fundamental human rights, first of all the right for life.

The representative on human rights in Ukraine Nina Karpatcheva expressed deep indignation of application of military force of "Israel" against peaceful participants of "Freedom Flotilla" in neutral waters that contradicts norms of international law, including the United Nations Convention on marine law.

Also earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called to conduct thorough investigation of incident in the Mediterranean Sea.

"In Ukraine with deep concern was met the message on incident which took place on May, 31st, to the sea humanitarian escort intended for inhabitants of Gaza Strip", is stated in the official reference of the Department of the information policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Also the department is disturbed "by the fact of use of weapons, as a result of which peaceful people were killed".

By "Islam for all"

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