In Ukraine Took Place Actions Dedicated to Mawlud

"We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures"... Ukrainian Muslims carried out actions dedicated to mawlud

Throughout the whole past week the AUASO "Alraid" together with the SMMU "Ummah" in the cities of Donbass and with the SMMC in Crimea carried out a number of meetings devoted to the Prophet Mohammed – the mercy of the Almighty to the whole mankind.

The Mufti of the SMMU "Ummah", Said Ismagilov, lecturing in the Lugansk Islamic Cultural Centre on the topic "Heritage of the Prophet Muhammad. Current condition of Islam in Ukraine", expressed his opinion that Muslims insufficiently well know the biography of the Prophet or do not practice their knowledge in the everyday life. Then the Mufti urged to read attentively books about our Prophet, after all he taught us to be fair, sincere, to see true nature of things, to be obedient to the Lord.

They were followed by the performances of the invited visitors. Interested persons could receive answers to their questions. At the end of the action children read poems about the Prophet under a sound of Nasheed (Islamic songs).

It is necessary to notice that in other Islamic centers and mosques across Ukraine were also conducted lessons and lectures, and Imams of mosques on Friday sermons spoke about virtues of our Prophet. So, lectures were carried out in mosques of Alchevsk, Stakhanov, Krasniy Luch, Antratsid of Lugansk area.

Mawlud in Crimea

In Crimea the well-known Islamic ideologist, Seyran Arifov, gave lectures about morals and virtues of the Prophet in renewed by "Al-Raid" national Crimean-Tatar schools. Arifov addressed to students of middle classes, parents and teachers. After all, in teenage years in a person are formed spiritually-moral values which in the future become the base of the mature person.

Such actions remind all, what morals any Muslim should possess. On his example the Prophet Muhammad has shown to us a real face of the believer, his attitude to other people, external simplicity and internal spiritual riches.


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