Ukrainian Muslims popularizing Islamic teachings

Ukrainian Muslims popularizing Islamic teachings
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Muslims in Ukraine are popularizing Islam in the country. Kiev’s Muslims’ community has translated the book of “Muhammad: Man and Prophet” into Ukrainian. The book is written by the Islamic scientist and journalist Adil Salahi and was originally published in London in 1995.

Now Ukrainians who are interested in Islam can easily get familiarized with the life of the Prophet Muhammad from his birth and childhood to the triumph of Islam.

Moreover, author’s careful analysis of the Prophet's life is written with today's Muslim and non-Muslim readers in mind that of course helps Ukrainians to understand the love Muslims have for their Prophet. Those who cannot buy it can easily enjoy the book using online version.

Members of this Islamic community in capital Kiev hope books like this will help to step down the prejudice that Islam sometimes faces here and they believe it is unfamiliarity that provokes zero tolerance in the society.

The first 1000 copies of this book are to be sent to the Islamic cultural centers, universities and libraries. After all the books permeate, the publisher will analyze the demand, which is believed to be high.

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