Unapproved Installation of Cross in Feodosia – unrelated to Religion Political Action, RAMC

Worship cross installed unendorsed on the entrance to Feodosia
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The Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea (RAMC) considers that the action on illegal installation of a worship cross on entrance to Feodosia is "a political action unrelated to religion which purpose is destabilization of international and inter-confessional relations on the peninsula" on the eve of the anniversary of deportation of the Crimean-Tatar people from Crimea.

It is said in the statement of the RAMC published on its official site.

The Muftiyat notices that in Feodosia "again because of the Crimean pseudo-Cossack movement ripens a crisis situation". For the permission of this question on the place came representatives of the Medzhlis of the Crimean-Tatar people and the Mufti of Muslims of Crimea, Hadzhi Emirali Ablaev.

"As it was found out, the head of Orthodox Christians of Crimea, the Patriarch of Simferopol and Crimea, Lazar, does not concern this event and did not give the approval for cross installation in Vladislavovka", reads the statement of the RAMC.

"It is obvious that this occasion is used by certain political forces is the political action unrelated to religion which purpose is destabilization of international and inter-confessional relations on the peninsula on the eve of May, 18th, – the day of the memorial service, collecting ten thousand Crimean Tatars on a central square of Simferopol", the Muftiyat emphasized.

Illegally established cross to be dismantled in a judicial order

As it informs "Crimea24", last Wednesday in the evening on entrance to Feodosia from outside Vladislavovka village at the initiative of the Feodosiysky regiment of the International Cossack Union (ICU) without any coordination with the authorities there was installed worship cross.

Thus the idea of installation of the cross without necessary documents was also not approved by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy, and the rural dean of Feodosia, father Michael Sytenko stated that "Cossacks showed disobedience".

Nevertheless, Cossacks found a priest who, contrary to the will of the church, agreed to consecrate the established cross. It was father Illarion, the priest of the Russian Foreign Orthodox Church, having among Orthodox clergy ambiguous reputation.

The mayor of Feodosia, Alexander Bartenev, and the public prosecutor of the city, Daniel Stadnik, also tried to convince Cossacks not to provoke inter-confessional intensity and to dismantle illegal object, but he was not heard.

"In the due time in our council there was accepted an inter-confessional decision: everything concerning religion should become exclusively under the law, and installation of any cult symbols should undergo lawful procedure, both orthodox, and Muslim, – Bartenev reminded. – We should live in peace and harmony: representatives of all religions".

According to the official site of Feodosia City Council, now the mayoralty intends to achieve dismantle of illegally installed cross in a judicial order.

By "Crimea24"

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