The Young Muslim Girl won the Bronze Medal at the Ukrainian Fencing Tournament

Mira Yousef is among the winners of the All-Ukrainian fencing tournament
Mira Yousef with her coach Kateryna Kharchenko
Mira Yossef before the bout
Mira Yousef with her classmate in the classroom
After the classes at the gymnasium, she goes to the training
Diploma for the 3rd place in the All-Ukrainian tournament
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The All-Ukrainian fencing tournament took place in Kharkiv under the auspices of the National Fencing Federation of Ukraine. MiraYousef, a young epee fencer, a charge of the children and youth sports school "Dynamo", also was among the participants of the Little League, and she got a bronze medal.

— Of course, I want to win, although, my dad says that the main thing is a participation, I know that he would be pleased to see me among the winners ... But the third place is also not bad, – Mira told our correspondent.

Mira Yousef has been fencing for 4 years under the trained coach Kateryna Kharchenko. The young athlete admitted that she took an interest in this kind of sport in 2012, when she was amazed with Yana Shemyakina’s bouts.

— In addition, — says Mira, —I have chosen this kind of sport also because of the uniform, as the fencer’s suit is a full covered cloth, and it's unnecessary to bare the body — I'm a Muslim, and it is very important to me.

The girl says that she meets with the constant support of her parents, who not only encourage her interest in sports, but also set the example.

— My father goes in for tennis, plays football, and, by the way, my mother also dabbled in fencing. When I began playing fencing, it was difficult at times, even I thought about giving it up, so I shared these thoughts with my mother, and she could persuade me not to give up, — says Mira. — So, I kept training.

Asked if she would like to share her doubts with farther, Mira said: “Farther would, probably, be upset, and I want him to be proud of me.”

This competition isn’t the first for Mira Yousef — there are 6 medals in her moneybox, including one for the third place at the competition in the equestrian sport that she also attends.


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