“Russian Muslims’ And Muslim Organisations’ Life Is Very Disintegrated,” - Refat Chubarov

“Russian Muslims’ And Muslim Organisations’ Life Is Very Disintegrated,” - Refat Chubarov
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Matter of integrating the Crimean tatars to Russian Islamic Society is one of the problems Russia is to face in the nearest future. Mr.Refat Chubarov, Head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, spoke about the consecution and perspectives of that process.

Mr.Chubarov voiced his concerns about the possibility of full integration of Crimean Muslim to Russian Islamic community. “I do not know how one can integrate in the new life if it is based on injustice. Islam doesn’t expect the believers to rest upon the things based on injustice,” - “Crimea.Realities” quotes.

Representatives of several largest religious administrations of Muslims of Russia already visited Crimea within several past months. Among them were figures like young Tatarstan Mufti Mr. Kamil Samigullin, Mr.Ravil Gainutdin (Head of Council of Muftis of Russia), and Mr.Albir Krganov, a little-known figure positioning himself as an independent Mufti of Moscow, Central region and Chuvashia. The latter, during his visit, voiced support to “Milli firqa” party, which is loyal to Russian Federation but has an incredibly low rating among the Crimean Muslims.

The journalists say that Krganov “failed in Crimea”, while the Crimean Mufti mended tiew with Gainutdin. The RAMC leaders consistently insisted on the Administration’s independance, but at the same time they didn’t reject cooperation.

According to Mr.Chubarov, the Russian delegations were surprised to see Crimean Muslims consolidated. “Russian Muslims’ and Muslim organisations’ life is very disintegrated and coordinated by several centres competing with each other badly.” He didn’t fail to mention the Spiritual Centre of Muslims of Crimea trying to compete with RAMC while only having 14 communities. The Mejlis Head thinks that the SCMC was created by former Ukrainian secret service and now is run by their Russian colleagues.

Mr.Chubarov also noted the fact that the Russian President hasn’t had even a single meeting with the Mejlis representatives. At the same time, Putin met the Crimean Tatars supporting the Kremlin policy towards Ukraine in May, with the Head of the above mentioned “Milli Firqa” Mr.Waswi Abduraimov and the vice-Prime-Minister of Crimea Mr.Ruslan Balbek and Head of Crimean “Regions’ Party” Mr.Edip Gafarov among them.

Despite the contacts between the Russian authorities and representatives of structures low-rated among Crimean Tatars, Mr.Chubarov voiced his doubts that would lead to radicalization of Crimean Muslims. “Principle of nonviolence has always been the main principle of Crimean Tatars since the very beginning of our struggle for returning to Crimea. We follow this principle in all spheres of our life, spiritual first of all. It’s absurd to say that Islamic sects based on the idea of violence or terror can appear in Crimea,” - he said.

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