Crimean Tatars go on hunger strike in Kyiv

Six Crimean Tatars have gone on hunger strike
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Six Crimean Tatars of protesters who have held a meeting near the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine have gone on hunger strike today, on May 15. As QHA reporter is informed by one of this action participants Server Bekir, as a cause of such decisive step is inactivity of the Ukrainian government headed by Yulia Tymoshenko that does not settle the issue on land allocation for the Crimean Tatars.

“We already have been prepared our application to the militia with request to give the ambulance in the event of physical impairment of hunger strikers” – stated Server Bekir.

Also he stressed among of protesters who resolutely feel geared up are women and now the action organizers talk about possibility of their participation in hunger strike. “We would like to protect women against such exhausting and dangerous form of a protest. Now we urge them to give up their intention” – told Server Bekir.

As Kyiv’s reporter of QHA informs, the protesters chant “Tymoshenko! Come to people!” to the sound of football pipes. Since they could not draw the Premier’s attention thus, they have to resort to more rigorous measures.


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