Karpatcheva Called Attack of "Israel" on Ships of Defenders Action of Sea Terrorism

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Karpatcheva considers the incident to be a direct consequence of practice of "Israel" based on the decision of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by violent military methods
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The representative on human rights Nina Karpatcheva is deeply revolted by application of military force by "Israel" against participants of "Freedom Flotilla", delivering to Gaza Strip humanitarian cargo, including children's food, medicines, medical equipment and building materials. ForUm was informed on it in the press-service of Ombudsman.

The fact of capture by "Israeli" soldiers of a foreign vessel in neutral waters that contradicts norms of international law, including the United Nations Convention on a marine law is scandalous.

As a result of violent acts of the Israeli soldiers 9 persons were killed, and more than 50 defenders were injured.

As a matter of fact there was the action of the sea terrorism which demonstrated rough neglect of fundamental human rights, first of all the right to life. This certificate deserves unconditional condemnation, emphasized Karpatcheva.

She considers that the incident is a direct consequence of practice of "Israel" based on the decision of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by violent military methods, including those concerning inhabitants of Gaza Strip, about three years being in illegal blockade and exposed to constant bombings.

In the beginning of 2009 the Ombudsman of Ukraine opposed such violent practice when during the military operation "Cast lead" in Gaza Strip were killed thousand Palestinians, and also citizens of Ukraine among whom there were children.

Karpatcheva is assured: force application leads only to conflict escalation because civilians of both countries suffer most. If the blockade was stopped then, the crime against humanity which took place recently would be impossible.

To leave the deadlock it is possible only under condition of strict observance of norms of international law and fundamental rights and freedoms of the person that assumes first of all immediate termination of illegal blockade of Gaza Strip and the admission of humanitarian missions of the United Nations on its territory for liquidation of consequences of humanitarian accident.

The Ombudsman of Ukraine expresses sincere condolences to families of victims, to victims of this tragic incident and addresses to the United Nations Organization with appeal to take all measures, further to exclude violence as a way of decision of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It is in interests both of Palestinian people, and the people of "Israel", marks Karpatcheva.

The statement of the Ombudsman of Ukraine is directed to the address of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, the Supreme commissioner of the United Nations on human rights, Navanethem Piley, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the EU, Catherine Ashton.

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