Ukrainian Presidential Candidate Olga Bogomolets met up with Muslims

The gift to Ukrainian presidential candidate from Muslims of the country - translation of the Quran into Ukrainian.
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An official meeting between the mufti of Religious Administration of Muslims in Ukraine «Umma» Said Ismagilov took place on the 6th of May in Kyiv through the own initiative of the Presidential Candidate Olga Bogomolets. Discussions included further participation and integration of the Muslim society of Ukraine within the currently rapidly changing sociopolitical climate that has been seen over the last few months.

According to information published on the official website of the Religios Administration of Ukrainian Muslims sheikh Said Ismagilov pointed out the fact that Ukrainian Muslims living on both the West and on the East of Ukraine are in solidarity in terms of continuing to defend the unity of our country. The position of Muslims within Ukrainian society was also a point of discussion at the meeting, with emphasis on how it was felt that Ukrainianians were accepting Muslims within Ukraine as equals. It was felt that the reason for this was due to the solid pro-Ukrainian position held by the Muslims throughout the country and the participation of Muslims in fighting for the democratic future of Ukraine.

«The meeting held was considered a historical turning point for the Muslims community in Ukraine due to the fact that this was the first time a presidential candidate made efforts to meet representatives of Muslim community as a separate religious denomination in Ukraine» — stressed the mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine «Umma».«We are delighted that our religious administration has had the opportunity to participate in such an event», — announced the mufti at the meeting.

Sheikh Said Ismagilov was presented an official letter from the presidential candidate Mrs Olga Bogomolets which is a response to appeal to the Muslim communities of Ukraine to presidential candidates.

Within her response Olga Bogomolets emphasised that efforts will be made in every possible way to ensure she will be contributing in creating positive social climate for Muslims in relation to encouraging their lawful participation of their civic duties & responsibilities within an environment of tolerance that did not compromise the religious rituals and traditions of Islam.

Also she emphasised she was ready to have a dialog in relation towards the development of the long-term propositions of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine «Umma».

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