Prominent Ukrainian Scientist is Held Hostage in Donbas

Prominent Ukrainian Scientist is Held Hostage in Donbas

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What You Need To Know:

✅ Ihor Kozlovskiy is Ukrainian scientist, historian, who was detained in Donetsk in January, 27th, 2016. He has been captured by ‘DNR’ representatives for almost 400 days already;

✅ He was accused of spying activity. According to his nephew Denys Kozlovskiy, his uncle was tortured for giving a false confession.

✅ Self-proclaimed authorities of ‘DNR” refuse to exchange him as they consider Ihor Kozlovskiy ‘a citizen of DNR’. He was staying in Donetsk after the occupation to take care of his ill son.

Ihor Kozlovskiy is a Ukrainian scientist, the Head of Ukrainian Association of Theologians, who also used to practise yoga, has been captured by representatives of so-called ‘DNR’ on January, 2016. He was accused of spying activity and weapons manufacturing. He has been in a prison for almost 400 days. In March he celebrated there his 63d birthday.

‘A religious scholar and a pacifist, he was an active participant in the Donetsk ecumenical prayer marathon for United Ukraine back in 2014, back when Russia-backed separatists began to form a stronghold in parts of the east,’ mentioned in the article ‘They Do Exist’ by Tanya Lokshina.

His nephew Denys Kozlovskiy has been pushing for his uncle’s discharge for almost two years. According to him, he tried to make UN and OSCE, Red Cross and all the other international organizations that work in occupied territories to influence the situation, but nothing happened.

Hromadske spoke to Denys Kozlovskiy in March, 2017 about the condition of Ukrainian scientist, detained in Donbas, and efforts that should be taken to set him free.

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