Three Horrible Crimes

Dutch Embassy. Photo by Ms.Rayana Volha Charnykh
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Ukrainians continue bringing flowers to the Dutch and Malaysian Embassies in sign of condolence, every day since the Boeing 777 crushed. They leave notes, light candles and cry. The tragedy touched each and every. President of Ukraine Mr.Perto Poroshenko also paid visits to these Embassies today.

It’s difficult to describe the atmosphere near the Netherlands Embassy at Kontraktova Square in Kyiv. The drive to the front door was all filled with flowers, toys, notes with the words of condolence from all over Ukraine. People come every in every few minutes. Despite a work day, many Kyiv citizens come to somehow express their wish to to honour the memory of 298 innocent people who were killed.

- Here, my son, put the flowers here. The children we brought them for became angels and flew to the skies, - a mothers says, crying, to a little boy who holds a fluffy toy in his arms.

80 kids were on board, and this flight was the first one for many of them - still it became the last one for all of them.

- Why those people died? - asks Ann, an accountant. She obtained leave at work to bring two roses to the Embassy. - Who is to be held responsible for their death? And who can guarantee this will never happen again to us?

Unknown Murderer
Boeing 777 by Malaysia Airlines was on its regular flight from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur when it was hit on July 2014 in the Eastern Ukraine, Donetsk region, near the village of Grabovo and the town of Torez. A missile fired from a MANPAD hit the board 10 km above the Earth, and the plane crashed.

There are several versions about who’s responsible for this terrorist atack, as it is named by the leaders of the most of world powers. At first they supposed that the missile was fired by the so-called “rebels of DPR (Donetsk Peoples Republic)” from a MANPAD “BUK” they took over a day before. The version was supported by the messages in the social media by the “rebels’ leader” Mr.Igor Strelkov about the “lucky strike” they made. Those messages, by the way, were deleted at once as soon as they learned that the flight was commercial. However, the screenshots of those messages and tweets still remain.

Mr.Oleg Smirnov, a merited pilot, says those who hit the plane were not rebels, as, to his knowledge, MANPAD “BUK” is a very complicated system that can’t be successfully applied and controlled by amateurs. Besides, - the expert says, - no mistake was possible as “only a wiper could take a passenger aircraft for an air-freighter.”

The investigation in done in terms of severe informational confrontation of the two parties. Whereabouts of several flight data recorders still remains unknown, as well as unclear is the situation with the bodies of the victims and the evidence found at the downing site.

Plus to the multiple versions discussed all over internet, the OSCE experts are allowed to the site with great reluctance. It still remains unknown how the work of Dutch experts who were brought to Kyiv today be a Presidential flight will be facilitated.

In general, there are loads of questions and not a slightest answer. In terms of severe conflict between the Ukrainian Army and the rebels in the south-East, it’s very difficult to find common ground even in such a serious matter as investigation of hundreds of innocent lives killed.

Johannes and his grandson left Amsterdam an hour before “that flight”. Johannes never uses other definitions of the hit Boeing except for “that flight”. Overwhelmed with emotions, he hardly speaks and cries all the time.
- It’s been several days already, and I still see the vision of that flight on an airport tableau… can you imagine?

World Awaiting
Petro Poroshenko comes to the Dutch Embassy around midday. No cordoning, to other special precautions are visible - Kontraktova Square continues living its everyday life. Several young men in business costumes and with earphones are the only sign someone important is about to emerge.

Some time later, accompanied by a single guard, comes Mr.President. Having laid his white roses to this makeshift memorial, Mr.Poroshenko leaves a note in the condolence book and is ready to talk to journalists.

- I can definitely say now that three horrible crimes were committed. Terrorist act was the first of them, and it was done with Russian arms, by pro-Russian terrorists and Russian saleswords. The second one is what the terrorists did to the bodies, which can’t be observed without a burst of emotions. And the third is that a lot of evidence was destroyed.

Mr.President stressed that delivering bodies to the mourning relatives as soon as possible is a priority for the Ukrainian authorities. He said that both Ukraine and other countries will try their hardest to perform the investigation the best as possible.

- We can say today that all the world united against the terrorists’ threat. Both Ukraine and Netherlands will put maximum efforts, including tomorrow’s session of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers, where Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs in invited to proclaim the so-called “Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples Republics” the terrorist organisations they are. And any support and cooperation with terrorists will get its respective qualification according to the terms of International Law.

Today the whole world is watching how downing Boeing-777 is investigated: this tragedy made people change their minds that the situation in Ukraine is only a local conflict. It became the reason of mourning and tears for hundreds of people all over the world, from US to Australia. And all we can do is hope that the answers for the countless questions will be found and those responsible will be punished, because there’s no other option.

Ms.Rayana Volha Charnykh
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